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Buy Soma 350 Online The new works in this current show are experimental, and are on the interface between painting/sculpture, sculpture /installation. I wanted to explore the illusion of space further and push the support from a 2 dimensional flat surface to one that entered into the real physical space of the viewer.  All the pieces in this show are of paper.

Buy Real Diazepam Online Uk The Elemental 1-4 series, were created using ink, graphite and mulberry paper. Dimensions: 135x69x15cm,96x68x7cm and 134x74x15cm
Cosmos 1-3, pigment, graphite, sterling silver leaf, mulberry paper, 45x45x7cm
The Alchemy 1-xx suite consist of a variety of mediums including pigment, 24 carat gold leaf, ochre, semi precious stones, graphite, ink, mulberry paper, 34×15.5x2cm
Mysterium – Blue, pigment, mulberry paper, 180x90x3Cosmos 3, ink, pigment, mulberry paper, 45x45x7cm
Black Diamonds 3-5 & Gold, ink, black coal, 24 carat gold leaf, mulberry paper, 145x75cm

Buy Diazepam Online London cosmos, 45x45cm. pigment, graphite mulberry paper, sterling silver leaf. 2015jpg copyCosmos 3, ink, pigment, ,ulberry paper, 45x45x7cm, 2015 copyCosmos 1,graphite, pigment, mulberry paper, 45x45x7cm,2015 copy


Elemental 1-4, Cosmos 1-3, dawn csutoros  


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Alchemy V-XX  

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Alchemy XX, gold gilding, ochre, mulberry paper, 34x15.5x2cm, 2015 copyAlchemy XV11, Pigment, mulberry paper, 34x16x2cm, 2015 dawn csutoros copy

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