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Group exhibition at Charles Nodrum Gallery, Melbourne

11th November – 2nd December, 2023

I am thrilled to participate in ABSTRACTION 23, a group show at Charles Nodrum Gallery, 267 Church st, Richmond, 11th November Р2nd December.
There is an amazing selection of artists and I am honored to be a part of it.
This is the piece I have included- a piece from a body of works completed during my artist residency in Beijing. The fusion of 24 carat gold leaf and black coal reflects on the paradox that is coal in these current times.

It’s hard to capture the true effect via a screen. I hope you have a chance to view it in person.

Desire Gold – ink, black coal, 24 carat gold leaf, mulberry leaf paper – 145x75cm – 2013


21 August – 8 September, 2023

Kairos was a group exhibition including myself, Akiko Nagino, Pamela Rataj and Taka Sugawara, held at Kinross Art Centre. An exhibition that invited quiet contemplation, not just in a detached, intellectual way, but so that the viewer feels invited to be a part of the works themselves.

And further, by contemplatin these forms

In the relations which they bear to man,

he shall discern, how, trough various means

Which silently they yield, are multiplied

The spiritual presences of absent things.

William Wordsworth , The Excursion

Here, Now

charcoal, pastel, hahnemuhle paper – 38x29cm – 2006

Since a young child, I have been interested in the nature of the cycle of life and my place in the universe. This led me to search for answers and travel to sacred sites around the world as part of my personal research. Rupert Sheldrake notes that at the foundation of both Eastern and Western philosophies and sacred traditions if the threefold nature of ultimate consciousness – the ultimate ground of being, the source of form or order, and change, the flow of things. When in the process of making, I work intuitively, as in an active meditation, often using archetypal forms as signifiers or something beyond the physical dimension.

Silently it yields 1

charcoal, pastel, hahnemuhle paper – 80x60cm – 2006

I am interested in the possibility of a static two-dimensional surface conveying a sense of movement. a sort of humming or vibration that appears to arise from within the composition. Limiting the palette to variations of white and grey, I worked slowly and allowed the form to arise. There is a sense of becoming. Of a spaciousness slowly revealing itself over time. The viewer is invited to create their own meaning from the work.

Silently it yields 11

charcoal, pastel, hahnemuhle paper – 60x80cm – 2006

A long term interest in Daoism and tai chi practice drives my search for harmony and balance, and the resolution of duality. The two floating forms hover above each other, simultaneously dissolving into and emerging from an undefined field. The dual aspects reflecting one another as they transition from light to dark through a hazy atmospheric field.