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Dawn Csutoros is a contemporary Australian artist, who exhibits both nationally and internationally.

Csutoros’ art works range across a variety of mediums: from luminous pigment pieces to contemplative ink works on traditional handmade papers, dynamic acrylic paintings and more recently video and sound installations.

Her work is phenomenological in essence.

The artist’s long term interest in Eastern philosophy, in particular Daoism, with its underlying tenet of the harmony of opposites,  a deep connection with the natural world and her exploration into quantum theory, are the underpinning foundations of her artmaking.

Her artpieces explore the notions of time and space on universal and existential levels, resulting in abstract imagery and the exploration of the sensuality and energy of the medium in the purest way possible: both in its physicality and its conceptual capacity.

The works are to be felt, experienced.

Csutoros’ art is not only a formalist practice, she also responds to contemporary concerns.  The artist has worked on cultural community and public art projects at both local and international levels, creating and managing projects which explore contemporary issues as diverse as the environment, health and intercultural dialogue.

Dawn’s work is represented in numerous collections around the world.

artist statement

For me, art is a contemplative practice, where the communication of an idea is an act of suggestion.

It is process oriented: time slows down, and painting becomes an active meditation.

I search for sensuality within the mediums, inviting seductive textures and adding further layers of meaning both materially and conceptually.

Sound adds another dimension.

The complexity of the compositions lie within the simplicity of form, both visually and aurally.

The process is one of research, experimentation and ultimately of surrendering to the mysterious.

I believe that by venturing into the deeper levels of our own beings, we are able to touch the Universal; Jung’s archetypal and collective subconscious, an holonic universe. From here the viewer is invited to create their own dialogue with the works, and, I hope is also touched by the mystery from whence it was created.