Born Melbourne, Australia


Japan, France, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Germany, England, Spain, Portugal, Malta, New York, LA, San Francisco, Morocco, India, Thailand, China, East Silk Road, Singapore, Bali, New Zealand, Australia

art residencies

2019-21Dunmoochin Art Foundation, Victoria Australia
2018Szent András castle, Hungary
2016-17MANK, Artist Colony, Szentendre, Hungary
2016ICCE, International Cultural Club and Education, Budapest, Hungary
2016318 International Art Village, Beijing, China
2015John Robinson Studio, Rural Bendigo, Australia
2013Songzhuang Artist Village, Beijing, China
2012Assisi, Italy
2012Bialik College, Melbourne, Australia
2010La Muse, Artist and Writers Centre, Carcassonne, France
2007Pickled Art Centre, Beijing, China
2003Oncology Ward, Royal Hobart Hospital, Hobart, Australia

solo exhibitions

2018An Other View, Szent András Castle, Hungary
2017Inner Space/ Belso Tér, Art Capital Festival, Szentendre, Hungary
2017Inner Space, Inner Voice/ Belso Tér, Belso Hang, Ars Sacra, Szentendre, Hungary
2016Ink, Tea, Coal, Gold Leaf and Silk on Mulberry Paper, Matthias Kueper Gallerie, Stuttgart, Germany
2016Infinite Distance Immediate Presence, Green T House, Beijing, China
2016Dawn Csutoros, The Showroom in association with Geoff Raby, 318 Artist Village, Beijing, China
2015Elemental: Time, Space, Presence, Langford 120 Gallery, Melbourne Australia
2014Luminosity, Cyclone Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2012Infinite Distance, Immediate Presence, Santa Caterina’s chapel, NUN, Assisi, Italy,
Motherhouse of the Good Shepherd Sisters, Angers, France
Sister Carmel Curtin Crypt, Abbottsford Convent, Melbourne, Australia
2009Black Diamonds, Imagine Gallery, Beijing, China
2008Ink, Tea, Coal, Australian Embassy, Beijing, China
2007Ink, Tea and Coal, Pickled Art Centre, Beijing China
2007Poetics of Space, Dickerson Gallery, Sydney and Melbourne, Australia
2005Liminal, Thresholds of Being, Dickerson Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2004Place of Mind, Dickerson Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2003Dawn Csutoros, Genkan Gallery, Tokyo America Club, Tokyo, Japan
2003Liminal, Thresholds of Being, Royal Hobart Hospital, Hobart, Australia
2001Illumination, Mira Gallery, Melbourne Australia
2001New Works, Australian Embassy Tokyo, Japan
2001New Works 2000, Gallery Tanaka, Tokyo, Japan
2001New Works on Paper, El Patio Gallery, Kurashiki, Japan
2000Silent Friction, Bett Gallery, Hobart, Australia
2000Silent Friction, Soho Gallery, Sydney, Australia
1999Edge of Possibility, Bulle Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
1996Of Silence, Solitude and Roses, Fitzroy Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
1994Paintings 1989-94, Fitzroy Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

group exhibitions

2023ABSTRACTION 23, Charles Nodrum Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2023Black and White, West End Art Space, Melbourne, Australia
2023Substrate 23, Tacit Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2022Of Colour and Light, Women Abstract Artists Bienalle, West End Art Space, Melbourne,
2020Of Colour and Light, Women Abstract Artists Bienalle, West End Art Space, Melbourne,
2020Convergence, Colour and Sound, Abstract Project Gallery, Paris, France
2020Quiet Complexity, YAVA, Australia
2019Now Change, YAVA, Australia
2017ArtofKindness, White Space, London, UK
2017Die Poesie des Wenigen 11, Abstraktion, Reduktion auf das Wesentliche bis zum Minimalismus, Artmark galerie, Vienna, Austria
2017Koyeledjetek…111 / Come Closer Together, Ars Sacra, Budapest, Hungary
2017Vale Street Studio Artists, Bright Space Gallery, Melbourne Australia
2016Universal, Unique, Untitled, The Showroom, Beijing, China
2015Artpeace, Sagra Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2015Hutchins Art Prize Finalist Exhibition, Long Gallery, Hobart, Australia
2015Shared Experience, Inqubator Art Space, Melbourne, Australia
2015Imago Mundi – Luciano Benetton Collection: Australian Contemporary Art, Milan Italy
2015International Slow Art Day, Langford120 Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2015Trajectories, Langford120 Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2014Blue on Blue, Langford120 Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2014Quiet Noise, Chapman and Bailey, Melbourne Australia
2014Degeneration, ACAF Art Terminal T1, Sydney, Australia
2013A4 for 4A, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Sydney Australia
2013Vale St Artists, St Kilda, Open Studios, Beijing China
2013Because Mountain, Imagine Gallery, Beijing, China
2013Suspended Time Part 1, Catherine de France, Beijing, China
2013Suspended Time Part 2, Montpelier, Beijing, China
2013Time, Poimena Gallery, Launceston, Australia
2011Covering Ground, Dark Horse Experiment, Melbourne, Australia
2011Covering Ground, University of La Verne, California, USA
2011Nu Yishu, Veriditas, International Women’s Day 100th Anniversary touring:
-Imagine Gallery, Beijing, China
-Redtory Art Centre, Guangzou, China
-Manningham Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2011Imagine Colour, Imagine Gallery, Beijing, China
2010Woman, Environment, Fashion City, International Fashion Week, World Expo, Shanghai, China
2009Hutchins Art Prize, Finalist Exhibition, Long Gallery, Hobart, Australia
2007Built Perceptions, Dickerson Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2006The Winnowing of the Grain, Red Wall Gallery, Hobart, Australia
2005Bett Gallery, Hobart, Australia
2005Art and the Sacred and Tasmania, Schoolhouse Gallery, Rosny Historic Centre, Hobart, Australia
2005Hutchins Art Prize Finalist Exhibition, Long gallery, Hobart, Tasmania
2004Barking up the Wrong Tree, touring:
-Spacement Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
-Carnegie Gallery, Hobart, Australia
2003Barking up the Wrong Tree, Mori Gallery, Sydney, Australia
2003Future Perfect, Bett Gallery, Hobart, Australia
2003Tasmania Living Artist’s Week, Hobart, Australia
2002Tachikawa festival, International Artists, Tokyo, Japan
2002Synergy, CSIRO, Hobart, Australia
2002Works on Paper, Mira Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2002Arts Access: Contemporary Art, ANZ Pavilion, Tokyo, Japan
2001Joyeux Noel, Gallery Chika, Tokyo, Japan
20013D Exhibition, Mira Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2001The Next Exhibition, Gallery Tanaka, Tokyo, Japan
2001Food in Art, Devonport Regional Gallery, Ten Days on the Island Festival, Tasmania, Australia
2001Postcard Show, Tasmania State Library, Hobart, Australia
2001Southern Island Art Prize, Ten Days on the Island Festival, Tasmania
2000Melbourne Art Fair 2000, Melbourne, Australia
2000Axis, Bett Gallery, Hobart, Australia
2000Bulle Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
1999The 10th Alice Prize, Araluen Centre, Alice Springs, Australia
1999CAST Members Exhibition, CAST Gallery, Hobart, Australia
1999New Abstractions, Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
1999Folksong, collaborative performance with Brigita Ozolins, Peacock Theatre, Hobart, Australia
1999Dick Bett Gallery, Hobart, Australia
1999Hutchins Art Prize Finalist Exhibition, Long Gallery, Hobart, Australia
1999CAST members exhibition, CAST Gallery, Hobart, Australia
1999A Flourishing Ecology, a Survey of Tasmania Printmakers, Long Gallery, Hobart, Australia
1997/8Odyssey, Schoolof Art, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia
1998Affinity, Fine Arts Galler, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia
1998Hues Hue? Entrepot Gallery, Hobart, Australia
1998Consuming the Feminine, Recital Hall, Conservatorium of Music, Hobart, Australia
1998Have a Seat, Entrepot Gallery, Hobart, Australia
1996Pilgrimage, series of landscape installations from Hobart – Launceston
1996Exhibition of Essence, Swingbridge Gallery, Tasmania, Australia
1995Fringe Festival, Fitzroy Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

study and professional experience

2020-21Coaching for Creativity
2000-2016Arts Educator: CAE -Hobart, Adult Ed, FCAC Melbourne
2003Art Project Coordinator – Mangkaja Arts Centre, Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia
2003Tree Hugs Project Creator and Coordinator – Wilderness Society, Hobart, Australia
2002/3Creative Guru, (Art Program Director) Strathcare, Tasmania, Australia
1995/98Bachelor of Fine Arts, School of Art, University of Tasmania, Australia
1982/85Art Teacher and Classroom Primary Teacher, Victoria, Australia
1979/81Diploma of Teaching (Primary), State College of Victoria, Australia

community art and public art projects

2010Infinite Distance, Immediate Presence Italy, France, Hungary, Melbourne, China, Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture
A visual and sound art installation touring to sacred places
2003The River, Life Force of Fitzroy, Fitzroy Crossing, WesternAustralia.
Giant ground painting (380 sq meters) at Guwardi Ngadu Frail Aged Hostel, Fitzroy Crossing involving four different indigenous language groups in the Fitzroy and Kimberley communities.
2003Liminal, Thresholds of Being, Hobart, Australia
Eight-week residency involving patients in the Oncology Ward in the Royal Hobart Hospital, Tasmania, Filmed by Stateline, ABC TV, Tasmania.
2003Tree Hugs, Knitted Art Installation in the Styx Forest, southern Tasmania, with Wilderness Society and involving participation around the world including, US, UK, Europe and Asia.
2003Kosagi, Little Egret, Bridge to Japan, Australia / Japan
International art collaboration between elderly residents from aged care facilities in Akashi, Japan and Strathcare, Hobart, Australia. Involving elderly residents, school children and the local community.
2002Mountain Magic, Hobart, Australia
Art project with elderly residents from Vaucluse Gardens Lodge and Students from Goulburn Street Primary School
2000The Visitors – Elizabeth College Hobart, Australia
Large mural in Elizabeth College, measuring 34 x4 metres

public collections

Ferenczy muzeum, Szentendre, Hungary
Redtory Art Centre, Guangzhou, China
Australian Embassy, Beijing, China
Australian Embassy, Tokyo, Japan
ARTaccess, Tokyo, Japan
Newcastle Regional Art Gallery, NSW, Australia
CSIRO, Hobart, Australia
JW Marriott Hotel, Beijing, China
Elizabeth College, Hobart, Australia
Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Sydney, Australia
Royal Hobart Hospital, Hobart, Australia
North West Regional Hospital, Burnie, Australia
Cambridge Fire Training Service, Hobart, Australia
Northbank Terrace, Melbourne Australia
Bocskai Hungarian Cultural Centre, Melbourne, Australia
City Limits Hotel, Melbourne, Australia
La Muse, Carcassonne, France
Healthy Outlook, Australia

grants & awards

2015Finalist, Hutchins Art Prize, Hobart, Australia
2009Finalist, Hutchins Art Prize, Hobart, Australia
2005Art for Public Buildings Scheme, Arts Tasmania (Tasmanian Fire Service Training Commission, Tasmania, Australia
2005Finalist, Hutchins Art Prize, Hobart, Australia
2003Export Marketing Assistance Scheme, Development Grant for Tokyo, Department of State Development, Tasmania, Australia
2003Tasmanian Export Awards Finalist, Department of State Development, Hobart, Australia
2003Arts Tasmania Grant, for the Artists in Hospitals program, a project in Royal Hobart Hospital
2002Arts for Public Building Scheme, Arts Tasmania, North West Regional Hospital, Burnie, Australia
2002Tasmanian Export Awards Finalist, Department of State Development, Hobart, Australia
2001Export Marketing Assistance Scheme, Development Grant for Tokyo, Department of State Development, Tasmania, Australia
2000Research and Development Grant, for Tokyo, Department of State Development, Tasmania, Australia
1999Travel Grant, (Melbourne exhibition), Arts Tasmania, Australia
1999Finalist, Hutchins Art Prize, Hobart Australia

television and radio

2017Inner Space / Belso Tér, M5 TV, Budapest, Hungary
2013Newsline, (interview) Beijing, ABC news
2013Time Exhibition, ABC on Air, Hobart, Australia
2008Australian Art Exhibition during Beijing’s Olympic highlights (interview), ABC TV news, China / Australia
2006Sunday Arts Program (interview), ABC TV, Melbourne, Australia
2003Tree Knitters (interview), Sunday Morning Arts, ABC Radio National, Australia
2003Hospital Artist (documentary), Stateline, ABC TV, Hobart, Australia
2003Saving the Styx Forest (interview) ABC and channels 9, 7 TV News, Hobart, Australia
2001Life of an Artist, (documentary), Hungarian magazine Community Television, Melbourne, Australia


2017Ablakokat nyitni és felakat bontani, Budapest, Art Capital 2017, Eged Dalma, Hungary
2017Új M?vészet, Magyar M?vészeti Akadémia, October. 2017, Budapest, Hungary
2017 Munkáimban a Dualitás Feloldására Törekszem, Alkotó Muvészet 2017, MANK nonprofit kft, Budapest, Hungary
2017Közeledjetek – kiálitás nyilik a Zichy majorban, Eller Ertsebet, Budapest, Hungary
2015Elemental. The Art and Perceptions of Dawn Csutoros, Jennifer Choat, The North West Melbourne News, Australia
2013It’s Time to Reflect on Art, Rebecca Fitzgibbon, The Mercury, Hobart, Australia
2012Global Impressions, Voice, The Magazine of the University of La Verne, California, USA
2011International Artists Cover New Ground, Campus Times, University of La Verne, California, USA
2011Covering Ground Exhibition at Harris Gallery showcases work by Artists from Los Angeles and Melbourne, University of La Verne News, California, USA
2011Nu Yishu- from 1 to 5, Redzine, Redtory, Issue 02, Guangzhou, China
2011Nu Yishu – series V: Veriditas, Broadway to Vegas, USA
2010Abstract Paintings, China Daily, Beijing, China
2010Black Diamonds, Imagine Gallery, Beijing, China
2009Art and About, Broadway to Vegas, USA
2009Black Diamonds, The Play Network, China
2009Beijing Today, Beijing, China
2007Ink, Tea and Coal, Pickled Art Centre, Beijing, China
2007Red Sweaters: Maximal and Minimal Knittivism, Tikkun Knits, USA
2005Hungarian World in Australia and New Zealand, Panorama Media Mix, Budapest, Hungary
2004Art, Craft and Ecology Meet at the Styx Forest, Adam Geczy, Art Monthly Australia, May 2004, No 19 Art Monthly
2004Dawn Csutoros: A L’aube d’une Nouvelle Creativite, jean francoise Vernay, Correspondences Oceaniennes, Revue Culturelle Neo-Caledonienne, La Creation, Avril, New Caledonia
2003Art reaches out to Community, Penny Thow, Glenorchy Gazette, Hobart Australia
2002A Creative Guru is Helping Revolutionise Aged Care, Margaret Pos, The Mercury, Hobart, Australia
2002Synergy, Collaboration between Artists and Scientists, CSIRO, Hobart, Australia
2002Art in Health, Dawn Csutoros, Australian Network Art and Health Journal, Australia
2002Art Monthly, July Australia
2002Art in Palliative Care, Dawn Csutoros, Palliative Care, Australia
2002Magic Happens in Art Collaboration, Danny Rose, The Mercury, April 19, Hobart, Australia
2001A Sense of Heightened Experience, Naohiko Doki, Asahi Newspapaer, July 5th, Tokyo, Japan
2001Sea of Calm Washes over Drab Grey Walls, Patrick Cranny, The Saturday Mercury, July 21, Hobart, Australia
2000Silent Friction, Joerg Andersch, The Saturday Mercury, May 27, Hobart, Australia
1999Hungarians in Focus, Marffy Attila, Magyar Élet, Budapest, Hungary

book covers & authored articles

2013 In the Vineyard of Art, The Story of Art and Tasmania, A History. michael Denholm, Carlton Street Press (cover image) Hobart, Australia
2006The Winnowing of the Grain, Art and Craft Magazines in Australia 1963-1996, Michael Denholm, Carlton Street Press, (cover image) Hobart, Australia
2004Antipodes, A North American Journal ofAustralian Literature, December (cover image and article) New York, USA
2004Correspondences Oceanienes, Revue Culturelle Neo Caledoniene, New Caledonia (cover image and article), New Caledoia
2002Human Sexuality, Simon LeVay, Sharon M Valente, Sinauer Associates Inc, (cover image), New York, USA
2002Artwork, Artes: Tidskrift for Litteratur, Konst och Musick, Press Data, Stockholm (image)
2002Art in Palliative Care, National Palliative news, (article), Palliative Care, Australia
2001Antipodes, A North American Journal of Australian Literature, (cover image), New York, USA