Dunmoochin Artist Residency, Australia

September 2019 – December 2021

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to be one of the artists in residence at Dunmoochin Art Foundation, an iconic Australian art colony founded by the late Clifton Pugh. Many established artists have lived and worked here including Rick Amor, and it was in Rick’s former studio which became my new home for two and half years, from mid 2019 to December 2021. Nestled in the natural surrounds of Cottlesbridge in Victoria, Dunmoochin is surrounded by natural bush, soaring eucalypts and visited by kangaroos, deer, rabbits, possums and occasional unwelcome spiders, mini bats.

Having the time and space for contemplation and reflection in the heart of the bush, with other artists nearby, was truly a gift, especially during times of restriction and lock downs.

The studio was the perfect space and allowed me to experiment and explore a number of series from minimal tonal pieces, to more gestural, large scale paintings and onto two metre organic geometric drawings.

The studio
I would make a point of watching the sunset each day, and the tonal gradations as the light moved from day into night, entered my paintings.
Works in progress
With the arrival of 2020 and it’s ensuing chaos, it felt to me thatjust as the Hopi Indians had predicted, the entire universe was being shaken, everything was in flux. These paintings were quite a departure from the preceding quiet tonal paintings and reflected this sense of flux and flow, of transition and transformation. The sky at night was amazing in the bush, the stars and planets held a presence which added further inspiration to these gestural paintings, which reference life force energies in flow on macro and micro levels.
The Dunmoochin gallery for Open Studios weekend with works by fellow artists, Clive Murray White, Fionna Maddegan and Mark Wotherspoon.
Four of my furry companions, ring-tail possums guard my studio.

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