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Local Hegezhuang

The local village… The Orchard restaurant, night markets, cherry blossoms, street food, tiny buses and more. Love it!


working in the studio

The days were busy, so I would often work late into the night in the studio.IMG_4050IMG_4754   IMG_4785 2



studio visits

Meeting wonderful artists including Qiu Shi Hua, Shen Shaomin,XuZhongmin, Yang XiFa, Jin Sha, Guan Wei, Cindy Ng Sio Leng, Prof Bryan McFarlane, Peter Wayne Lewis.




Unique, Univeral and Untitled

A selection from my Silken Desires and Ancient Sunlight series were included in the group show Unique, Universal and Untitled at The Showroom CCD Gallery, Beijing this April.

IMG_3917.JPG     IMG_3920 IMG_3919.JPG IMG_3921.JPG