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Art Capital Festival, Szentendre, Hungary

The dialogue between place, art and viewer interests Csutoros as she joins the historical tradition and follows in the footsteps of classical and contemporary artists such as Rothko, and Bill Viola in presenting artworks in sacred sites.

As part of Art Capital Festival, Dawn installs her immersive video and sound installation and pigment pieces in the quiet, minimal space of the Evangelical Church.

Art Capital Festival is an important, contemporary art festival in Szentendre, Hungary which invites both national and international artists and has included Marina Ambramovic, Bill Viola and more recently Mohau.


ArtMark Galeria Vienna – group show

It was wonderful to participate in the group show  “Die Poesie des Wenigen – Abstraction, Reduction auf das Wesentiche bis zum Minimalismus ” at ArtMark Galeria in Vienna, March 2017.

below with Thomas Mark director of ArtMark galeria and Alison Drury from the Australian Embassy in Vienna.

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Cosmogeny 1 and 2

Works from the “Cosmogeny” series, ink, black coal, 24 carat gold leaf on linen, created in Beijing studio in May this year and part of the show at Matthias Kueper Gallery, Stuttgart.


Solo exhibition at Matthias Kueper gallery in Stuttgart

From Beijing to Stuttgart… I was invited to exhibit at Matthias Kueper Gallery. The show included new pieces from my recent residency in Beijing and a selection of earlier works on paper, currently on tour. Special thanks to Matthias Kueper and Marie Louise Kueper for a great opening and their support during the exhibition.