art residency in john robinson studio in rural bendigo

Former Melbourne gallery director Evi Robinson, invited me as artist in residence to the John Robinson Studio in Shelbourne, central Victoria. This gave me a fabulous space, large enough to expand and develop my works with paper to create wall size sculpted paper works. For five months, I would travel and spend 4 days a week working on my new body of work Elemental; time, space, presence for my upcoming solo show at Langford120 Gallery.

At times the temperature would soar to mid 40’s under the tin roof, ┬ábut the peace and quiet of the surrounds allowed me to immerse myself totally in my work. The lack of internet connectivity was both a blessing and a challenge and I would walk down the road, among the paddocks in the mornings and at sunset to check my messages.

IMG_1189 dawn in studio IMG_9673

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