Infinite Distance, Immediate Presence

an immersive visual and sound art experience

Blue is the colour that invokes distance, longing, infinity.
This colour has a strange and almost unutterable effect upon the eye.
It is in itself an energy.

Goethe, Theory of Colour, 1810

Infinite Distance, Immediate Presence , wwwdawncsutoroscom mov from dawn csutoros on Vimeo.

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Infinite Distance, Immediate Presence

The immersive installation, Infinite Distance, Immediate Presence, is a gateway to inner perception through art, which invites the viewer to experience a sense of personal discovery and art through the combined effect of visual and sound impressions. It draws together the sacred nature of art with the energy of places of spirit around the world.

The artist has incorporated imagery and a soundscape created by her own voice, layering her voice as she layers the colours in her paintings, to create a hypnotic, vibrational experience of harmonic tones and drones.

To date it has been presented in Assisi-Italy, Angers-France, Beijing-China, Rebkong-Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Melbourne, Australia, Stuttgart,Germany, Art Capital and Ars Sacra Festivals in Hungary and Szent András Castle, Hungary and will continue to engage audiences around the world.

“ It is like a key to open the door to Spirit in a contemporary way.”

Art installation in chapel of Santa Caterina, NUN, Assisi, Italy, 2012

Infinite Distance, Immediate Presence

The entire Universe, according to scientific thought, originates from a single point which
expands over time into a large ‘cosmic breath‘, and finally returns to its original starting point.

During this time, we all should tune ourselves in harmony with the “Cosmic breath” to understand and to intuit sounds, signs and emotions useful to build the common good and therefore beauty.

This artist, who has traversed such “celestial origins”, has created an exhibition that is truly original, I would say where only “cosmic visions” are translated as signs and gestures of artistic expression and combined with primordial sound.

More than an art exhibition this work is an art pathway, removing the separation between artist and audience, and inviting us on a “common path” in search of our own origins.

Within us there is “a mine of wonders,” in some ways unexplored and unexpected, and exhibitions such as this help us to “dig” into the most intimate places within ourselves where we can discover answers which resonate to “ an absolute truth”.

I wish you “bon voyage” on your destination of distilling the sublime into pureforms of art which gaze freely into the essence of transcendent source.

Claudio Ricci, Mayor of Assisi, President of Italian Heritage Sites, UNESCO World Heritage

Dr Claudio Ricci, Mayor of Assisi, President of Italian Heritage Sites UNESCO World Heritage, 2012

Angers, France – Melbourne, Australia: simulcast exhibition

Video installation presented at the Mother House of The Good Shepherd Sister Angers, France 2012

Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne, Australia, 2012

Live simulcast between France and Melbourne, 2012

Rebkong, Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai

Installation in Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Rebkong Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, 2016 Dawn was given the great privilege of being allowed to enter the monastery and exhibit her art work on site. She was honored with a blessing ceremony, from seven of the monks.
Rebkong, Autonomous Tibetan Prefecture, Qinghai, China, 2016

Art Capital Festival – Hungary

Art Capital Festival, Ars Sacra Festival,Evangelical Church, Szentendre, Hungary, 2017
Left: Collaboration with singer Lovasz Iren. Right: Feature interview on M5 TV, Budapest, 2017
Left: Opening night. Right: His Excellency, Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia, the Honourable, Sir Peter Cosgrove

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Dawn working in MANK Art Colony Studio, Szentendre, Hungary, 2016-17