Course 1

Art courses that nurture inner exploration, with creative expression grounded in skill development.

Dawn has been teaching for 20 years and believes in the potential of the creative process for transformational change. She loves to guide students in developeing their own authentic vision, building confidence to step outside their comfort zones and take risks with their work. Dawn’s courses teach how to tap into your unique creative flow and explore and develop new techniques and deeper ways of seeing. These transformational programs have produced wonderful results, and many students are now exhibiting and selling their paintings, and best of all, are recovering their creative spirit.  

DRAWING and PAINTING CLASSES specifically designed for beginners and experienced

Awaken your inner artist and tap into your creative flow
For those of you who would like an uninterrupted day to indulge your creative spirit, hone your skills and focus on a painting of your own choice. The full day is a great opportunity to loosen up and learn, stretch and build on your technique as you build your confidence. We will begin the day with guided exercises specifically designed to free up your mark making, develop your perceptual skills and tap into your creative flow.

The afternoon is free for you to develop the morning’s sketches or work on a painting of your choice. Charcoal, paper, and light refreshments are included. Suitable for beginners and experienced. A great opportunity to build your creative confidence and have fun in a relaxed and supportive group.
Enderby Hall, 314 Church Street, Richmond and plein aire sessions also available.
Come to them all or as many as you like. Saturday: 10 am – 4 pm,  February 15th,  March 14th,  April1 8th,  May 16th,  June 13th

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up,” Pablo Picasso
This 8 week x 3 hour course includes deepening your perceptual skills, exercises to help access the right hemisphere of your brain, along with technique development as students explore a variety of mediums. The classes are relaxed and supportive enabling you to delve deep inside your creative self, move through creative blocks, take risks with your work and have fun!
A special emphasis is on tapping into your creative flow, to paint with greater authenticity and confidence.

We will begin working in black and white using charcoal then moving into colour with soft pastel and finally onto paint. A variety of subject areas will be explored such as still life, the figure, portrait and free choice with guided instruction and a focus on developing your unique vision.
A great opportunity to open yourself to art.?
Enderby Hall, 314 Church Street, Richmond. Monday : 6:pm – 9:pm, 3rd February – 23rd March 2020

Great for beginners, just starting out or those with experience, who want to refine and deepen their unique direction and line of inquiry in their work. A great opportunity to access professional guidance specific to your drawing and painting needs. These tailor made individualized sessions, help you connect deeply with your natural, creative spirit and allow you to express more freely and authentically.
Connect with your inner artist, tap into the creative flow and express yourself through technique and skill development.

Contact Dawn for further details:
E        M+61 (0) 422 391 202