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UnderOneSky is a living, breathing, global art project. This  project invites everyone, everywhere to reflect, recover, and rebuild a sense of interconnection with peace and compassion.


“Be the change you wish to see in the world,’ Mahatma Gandhi


UnderOneSky project

UnderOneSky is an ongoing, multi-disciplinary art project, engaging audiences around the world. It features an immersive visual and sound installation, exhibition of paintings, collaborative performances and audience participation.  Open to all ages, UnderOneSky encourages dialogue around identity, values and the future.


We all live under the one sky

Each of us is an individual part of a whole humanity. We are all different, and our interdependence and interconnection is our Unity. Join in, and celebrate our shared oneness.

UnderOneSky project touring around the world

To date, we have toured the video installation and the project to galleries, festivals, schools, and sacred sites in Europe, Asia and Australia, including Melbourne, France, Italy, Beijing, Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Budapest and Germany. 

Video and Sound Installation: “Infinite Distance, Immediate Presence”

Installation in Santa Caterina chapel, NUN, Assisi, Italy

UnderOneSky project features an immersive, video and sound installation: a meditation through colour and sound. Acting as a gateway to inner perception through art, “Infinite Distance, Immediate Presence”, invites viewers to experience a sense of personal discovery and art, through the combined effects of visual and sound impressions. It has been featured on television, viewed by spiritual leaders and visited by dignitaries, including the Mayor of Assisi, and the Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia.

“The entire Universe, according to scientific thought, originates from a single point which expands over time into a large ‘cosmic breath, and finally returns to its original starting point. During this time, we all should tune ourselves in harmony with the “Cosmic breath” to understand and to intuit sounds, signs and emotions useful to build the common good and therefore beauty.

More than an art exhibition, this work is an art pathway, removing the separation between artist and audience, and inviting us on a “common path” in search of our own origins. Within us there is “a mine of wonders,” in some ways unexplored and unexpected, and exhibition such as this help us to “dig” into the most intimate places within ourselves where we can discover answers which resonate to “ an absolute truth.”  Dr Claudio Ricci PhD, Mayor of Assisi, President of Italian Heritage Sites UNESCO World Heritage


Blue Silk Prayer Ribbons : Hopes and Wishes for the Future

Traditionally, prayer flags were used to promote peace, compassion, strength and wisdom. It was believed that the winds blow the prayers and mantras into all pervading space, spreading good will and compassion around the world. So, too, our blue ribbons send their messages of hope, love and compassion across the planet.

Installation at Saint András castle, Hungary

Outside each exhibition venue, stands a tree; blue silk ribbons are tied to the branches. Adults and children alike are invited to write their personal wishes and hopes for the future onto their ribbons – creating branches of peace; on trees of hope, trees of life.

Now, more than ever, we need to remember and recover our sense of humanity, and what is important for us, for our families, our communities and our world.

School visits in Rákozi Ferenc secondary college, Hungary




Artist : Dawn Csutoros

Dawn Csutoros is a visual and sound artist, who exhibits internationally and works across a diverse range of media, including painting, video installation, performance, and engaging audiences in large scale community art projects. Dawn firmly believes in the power of art as a vehicle for positive and transformative change. She is passionate about offering audiences new and exciting ways to see and experience the world around them, and connect with each other in creative and meaningful ways.

Learn more about upcoming events and workshops and how to join us on this journey. Contact Dawn: m+61 422 391 202



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