My new year resolution in 2008 was to learn to draw. After years of working on a PhD and focusing on work I decided I needed to develop a different part of myself.

I found an introductory drawing and painting course at CAE. Purely by chance I booked into Dawn’s class.
Its not easy to branch into unfamiliar areas. Whilst I have always loved looking at art and nature, I had no idea how to start drawing what I saw.

Dawn has been fantastic at enabling me to gain confidence to do this. She teaches skills as well as providing encouragement, and pushes me out of my comfort zone to improve what I do.

I think Dawn has changed my belief that being able to draw and paint was purely dependant on innate ability and she has shown me that skills can be learnt.

My long term goal is to use the skills of drawing and painting to express what I think and feel and I am sure Dawn will be a support for me on that path too.

Dawn demonstrates the importance of teaching as a basis for individual change.