I am very happy to offer this testimonial for Dawn Csutoros.

I first met her when I enrolled at the CAE in Melbourne for a life drawing class at the beginning of 2008. As a relative beginner to Life Drawing, I found Dawn to be an excellent teacher, guide and support throughout the 6 week course.

Her enthusiasm and ability to communicate this enthusiasm to the whole class is inspirational and I finished the course feeling much more confident about my drawing ability.

Dawn then took the initiative to organise regular “Life Intensive” weekend courses later in 2008. The first of these was held over a weekend, with several different models, and we finished the weekend exhausted, but much more proficient, after some 15 hours of drawing. The weekends became all day Sunday sessions on a regular monthly basis through the rest of 2008

Dawn will always encourage you to move out of your comfort zone and push yourself into new techniques, styles, and in doing so, you find your overall ability improving at a rapid rate.

Her classes are a lively engagement between her and the members of the class which results in a great learning environment. Her classes are never dull!

I wish her success in whatever new art teaching venture she decides to embark on.