Matter Process

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Matter: Void light
Process: stillness

Stillness is a prayer allowing flow.
Flow from spirit to spirit. From organic to divine
From anti matter to existence
From cellular to cosmic

From the void comes the light of consciousness.

Warm blue.
Massaging blue, Dawn layering pigments creates depth, profundity.

Stillness.  Like silence defining sound Dawn organizes non action between strokes on the paper.
The blue pigments talk and guide the hand and fingers.
Nothing more than what needs to appear.  Sobriety contains the essential.  This simplicity embodies richness.

Those micro stones conglomerating create density.  The tone grows darker.  Yet their fullness take a vibrance of their own.  And thus light emerges forth.  Strange, yet obvious and inevitable equation.  The kind one will experience with eyes closed, where eventually from darkness will take birth a deep luminescence.  Matter of rocks and planets irradiate energy.  And that energy hits our sensory consciousness to so appear as vibrancy.  Revealing internal light.  Light as an awareness.  Aura of existence.

Darker is the matter, wider is the iris.  Presence of light then glows from within.  It is in darkness we put on the light to enlighten our souls.

Csutoros surrenders to peace when creating works which heal us with ardent serenity.

Jean Charles Dicharry  2011

Paris  France