An international art collaboration between elderly residents in Hobart, Tasmania and Keisen, Japan.

It began as a study of Goulds lagoon, in Hobart, and evolved into an exhibition spanning 2 countries and 4 generations.

Visiting the lagoon was a way of exploring the local environment and triggering memories from the past for the elderly residents of StrathGlen Aged Care Facility. School students, primary and secondary, worked alongside the residents creating collaborative art pieces with a focus on paper made objects, including sculptural egrets in flight, photography and rice paper bowls.  Other community members,from politicians, to musicians, council members, varied community groups and even international guests from Japan also joined in.

Barriers were transcended on a local community level but also globally.  On a trip to Japan, Csutoros was able to visit and initiate the beginnings of a sister home relationship with Keisen Aged Care Facility in Akashi. It seemed that just as the little egret (kosagi) migrated to Japan so too we could follow.  Even ABC radio was there with us following and documenting the progress of this international event.

This project concluded with an international exhibition at Lady Franklin Gallery, of paper made artworks from the residents and students in Hobart and the residents from Keisen Aged Care Facility who showed exquisite origami and a 3m x 3m large paper mosaic of Mt Fuji. Everyone was excited at the possibilities of  breaking down barriers and creating new relationships both locally and internationally through this exhibition.

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