Dawn Csutoros is a contemporary Australian artist, currently based in Melbourne who exhibits both nationally and internationally. Visit galleries here.

poetics of space, radiance

in poetics of space…

Csutoros moulds slabs of almost pure colour into forms or bodies that seem to possess their own character and emotions. Coloured sites relate to each other through touch – a horizontal or vertical band of interaction seems to ignite them with a force that… continue reading

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tree hugs.

In June 2003, Dawn Csutoros was invited by Virginia Young of the Wilderness Society, to work on an art piece which would involve members of the community and help raise awareness of the plight of… continue reading

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tree hugs. tasmania, australia – 2003.

artist in residence, szentendre, hungary, 2016/17


These artworks invite personal discovery and reward with new visions and new insights. The works are doubly rewarding because they afford profound aesthetic pleasure as well as the conceptual ones.

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black diamond

her paintings are not purely a formalist pursuit, for they also respond to contemporary concerns. In 2007, the artist traveled to China to undertake an art residency in Beijing during which she began experimenting with coal – materially and conceptually… continue reading

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desire – gold, 2013.