Course 2

Recovering Your Creative Spirit; The Artist’s Journey
Level 1

“It is safe to open ourselves up to greater and greater creativity” The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron.

There is a state we can all access which I’ll call the highly creative flow state, where you lose all sense of time, your ego vanishes and you become totally at one with your art work. We’ve all experienced it, but it can prove to be somewhat elusive! This new course helps us access this flow state and to recover our creative spirit. Dawn is very excited about offering this new 8 week program as she employs exercises which allow us a deeper look at the creative process itself, and how it works for each individual. Along with her own approach, she will be dipping into Julia Cameron’s classic book, “The Artists Way”, to guide us into a deeper connection with our own personal creative potential.

“Once we remove the blocks, the flow moves in”…With guidance, we are able to recognise thought patterns that subconsciously inform us. Once we are aware of these limiting belief systems, we are able to release what is no longer useful and move forward through creative blocks into a freer and more true expression of our own unique visions.”

Over the course of the program students will be working with a number of exercises to help move out from our comfort zones, take risks with their work and have fun. Learning techniques and developing new skills with charcoal, soft pastels and paint; covering a number of subject matter including still life, portrait, the nude and their own free choice.

The results students have achieved with this program have been fantastic, integrating inner exploration with creative expression, grounded in skill development.

Recovering Your Creative Spirit; Freedom In Expression
Level 2

For those who have completed Recovering Your Creative Spirit, the Artist’s Journey level 1 and wish to continue their artistic journey and further refine their skills.

” As artists we must find those who believe in us, and in whom we believe, and band together for support, encouragement and protection” The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron

This 8 week course provides a supportive space for freedom in your own unique expression along with critique and guidance. We will be covering areas such as:
* Developing and consolidating your technique
* Trusting yourself and deepening confidence to allow for moving forward in new and exciting directions
* Selected artists and art movements:
* Matisse – his journey – less is more – the elegance of simplification
* Monet – what an eye! – seeing through colour and light – the series
* Abstraction – different roads to abstraction
* Spiritual – Mondrian, Kandinsky
* Emotional – Rothko, Newman
* Formalists

* Inner work – personal development exercises to open perception and remove creative blocks

Recovering Your Creative Spirit; Your Unique Path
Level 3

“Be really whole, And all things will come to you,” Lao -Tzu

An eight week course focusing on your unique path of inquiry, deepening your creative spirit and developing your art folio. Includes discussion of contemporary artists, clarifying and refining your individual, authentic vision and consolidating artistic practice.

Recover Your Creative Spirit; Southern Light
10 day Artist Retreat in FRANCE

A new and exciting artist retreat in the south of France, a wonderful opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of art by following in the footsteps of great artists and being inspired by their original artworks and the landscape in which it was created. With professional tuition, you will have the opportunity to build on your technique and create your own response through painting and drawing.
Dates to be announced.

Contact Dawn for further details:
E M+61 (0) 422 391 202